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Saved by Grace. Wife. 3 littles under 3. Preemie Mama. NICU Mama.

            Hi, I'm Cassandra, owner of From The Earth Baby. I will start off by saying I am not a writer and will never claim to be. So, I apologize because I typically write like I talk. Anyway, I wanted to share a piece of my story and how From The Earth Baby came alive and what has happened since then. I opened From The Earth Baby in 2015 because I had a passion for children and all that came with them! Clothes, toys, equipment...etc. Ask any women what is the one of the first things she did when she found out she was pregnant. If I had to guess, like most mothers, it would be heading to baby section of every store they go in just to look and smile at all the cute clothing and baby stuff. It sounds a lot like this, "Oh, look at this, honey! This would be so cute if we were having a boy!" Yes, almost every mother has probably said that while she was pregnant. Well, that was me anyway.

            As soon as I became pregnant, I would always find myself in the baby section of every store looking at all the stuff! I always had a good time doing that and so did other soon to be mothers I knew. When my son turned one I was working from home as an assistant/bookkeeper. While I was blessed to have that job because I could stay home with my son and work, it was not something I wanted to do forever. I started slowly working on From The Earth Baby at night after I was done working and my son was asleep. After working on the site and with vendors for close to 8 months, I decided to open! I had the support of my family and I was very excited about it.

            The first year of From The Earth Baby was actually going well. I enjoyed the work and was having fun with the business. At this time, I was pregnant with my second child. I worked through the whole pregnancy and the business was still doing well. However, when I was 31 weeks pregnant I had a placental abruption and had to have an emergency C-section. My whole world went upside down. My husband and I now faced the NICU with a two-year-old at home. At that time, I closed From The Earth Baby and focused on my children, especially my little girl in the NICU. It was a very hard road to walk down. It was new and extremely scary. Every day in the NICU seemed like an eternity. Things would change literally from morning to afternoon. We never knew what to expect next. At some point, I will share my entire NICU experience story on our blog when I am ready.

            Anyway, long story short, I decided to reopen From The Earth Baby with a new feel to it. A new focus, if you will. Now that our daughter is a healthy 1-year-old with no more complications, I think I am ready to dive back in! So here we are...that is a piece of my story and I am happy to say that we are open! 

Giving Back to NICU Babies:

From The Earth Baby donates 10% of EVERY sale to Project Sweet Peas. Project Sweet Peas is a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization coordinated by volunteers, who through personal experience have become passionate about providing support to families of premature or sick infants and to those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss. 

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